Samuel + Frances - Wedding at Paradise Cove Crystal Chapel - Oahu, Hawaii

Reis and I were honored to photograph Samuel + Frances’s wedding at Paradise Cove in Ko’olina, Oahu. This sweet couple from California did not only saw their “I Do’s” in Hawaii, they were engaged on the beautiful island of Kauai! Both Reis and I love the connection we make with our clients. We admired how Samuel and Frances placed a huge amount of trust in us even though we did not meet until their special day! It is our number one priority to establish a relationship with our lovely clients, because we know it never feels completely natural in front of the camera. Something that we always notice is how fun and amazing our couples are. Sam and Frances were such a joy to work with; not only making us laugh throughout the day but being so outgoing too! They were adventurous enough to walk through sand and over lava rock in heels and their wedding attire to get the beautiful Hawaiian sunset with the waves crashing right behind them.

“Showered with Love”

Throughout the whole day we noticed how Samuel and Frances was showered with so much love. They were truly blessed to have countless friends and family fly from the mainland (mostly if not all from California). Their families were so welcoming and made Reis and I feel so happy to have contributed to make their day as special as possible. The speeches given that night were amazing and so genuine. One of our favorites was from Ron, Frances’s father who made everyone tear up. “You are such a nice guy. I don’t think you have ever said a bad word!” he said to Samuel. Later on to get thrown under the bus by his own father Lawrence and nephew Maceo “You are a great man and a wonderful son but…I’ve heard you cuss a lot!” and “You are the BEST uncle ever. I’ve heard you say a lot of bad words but you are still a great uncle!” It was so sweet! Everyone (including Reis and I) immediately started laughing.

“A day of Celebration”

Samuel and Frances’s reception had so many unique details. Their talented nephew Maceo did not only preform a heartwarming speech but surprised them with a special dance which was awesome! The whole wedding party was a blast to shoot with. Everyone had too many cute and funny photo ideas to count! Their day was a day of celebration filled with SO much happiness and joy. By the end of their night we felt as if we knew Sam and Frances for a lot longer than just one day. We are so happy to have been a part of their wedding day!