Do you really need Engagement Photos?

The short answer Is yes. Let me explain 5 advantages

1. Practice Makes perfect!

Most times than not, engagement photography sessions are the first time that couples have been photographed professionally. The first time being photographed can be a little weird and awkward at first. It takes about 20 minutes to warm up to a camera and start to show genuine smiles and emotion. Think of the engagement session as a practice run for your wedding day. You'll master the poses so on your wedding day you are both professional models.

Pro Tip*: Are you planning on testing out your wedding makeup too? Do it the same day and you can wear it to your engagement session.

2. Getting to know your photographer

Engagement photo sessions are also a great time to meet your photographer and understand their shooting style. During the engagement session you will learn if your personalities mesh with the wedding photographer. Some photographers love to pose and will tell you exactly what to do and how to stand. Other photographers like to shoot very candid and let emotions lead the engagement session.

We, at capturing Hawaii photography, like to shoot a blend of these two things. We will pose you to ensure you look your best, and then allow natural emotions to flow. The natural emotions create the best images and we don’t have to force a fake smile out of you. We don’t want your images looking forced or cheesy, everything needs to be genuine.

3. Learn what you do and do not like

Not only is the engagement session a learning experience for the couple, but it is for the photographer as well. The photographer will learn how the two of you interact with each other and how to best post you. After the engagement session, when you receive your photos back, you can give feedback to your photographer. What images/poses did you like best and which ones didn't you like as much. This will ensure that on your wedding day, you will love your photos!

4. Wedding invitations and Teaser Photos!

Another advantage is that Engagement photos are a great way to announce your wedding and wedding date. The photos come in handy for your wedding invitations, wedding website, and much more. They are also great to post on social media to get everyone excited about your upcoming wedding! 

5. Bonus Tip:  How to choose the location of your Engagement Session

If possible, we recommend choosing a place that has a special meaning to the both of you. For example: Your favorite beach, the place you go engaged, where you shared your first date, and ETC. It is okay if you choose a location just based on its beauty! I dont want you to feel forced to choose a place just based on its meaning, These are all just recommendations. 

There are a lot of great locations all around Hawaii. Most of our engagement sessions happen at a beach or in the water. We have now begun offering Half water/Half out engagement session. See photos below as examples. But we have also done engagements in forests and other inland scenic areas! The location is completely up to you! 

Engagement Photo