Andrew + Nicole's Underwater Engagement

Being an ocean lover, Reis has always been dreaming and hoping for an underwater portrait when we linked up with Nicole and Andrew you could imagine how excited he was! Living in Hawaii, the ocean is a big part of our lives. It is a lifestyle. Nicole and Andrew have been living on the island of Oahu and were soon to be moving to California. Before they left they wanted photos that captured the beautiful blue waters they both spent a great deal of time in. Nicole and Andrew were such a fun couple to shoot in the water and such a joy to work with! They kept their spirits up when they felt like they looked silly and overall had a good time. It is so refreshing when our clients put in the effort to make their portraits unique; especially when we give them the same photos the envisioned! If you would like to book an underwater portrait sessionplease send us an email! We would love to work with you.