Leila + Kainoa – Engagement Photos – Maui, Hawaii

Leila + Kainoa – Engagement Photos – Maui, Hawaii

Leila and Kainoa, beach lovers like us, decided to shoot their engagement photos at Sugar Beach, Maui. Although sunrise sessions are beautiful they are early mornings! We were lucky enough shoot with an adventurous couple like Leila and Kainoa who were excited to arrive at 6:30am. It was freezing, probably in the high 60’s with some wind-chill. If you are from Hawaii, you know that is pretty darn cold!

They must have woken up around 5:30am because they even had time to stop at Krispy Kreme before showing up! How thoughtful is that, just what two people normally stranded on Oahu need.

Although we didn’t get the sunrise that we were hoping for, it was still a beautiful morning. The beach was nearly empty and offered a perfect backdrop for their engagement photos. With every session, it seems as if we find something unique. While we were strolling down the beach we found a beautiful sandy path lined with native green shrubs which was a perfect location.

Our session was full of laughter and good conversation. As you can see in the photos, Leila and Kainoa spent the morning making each other laugh, dancing in the grass, and walking on the beach. In the end, it was great Maui morning spent with two new friends.

Andrew + Nicole's Underwater Engagement

Being an ocean lover, Reis has always been dreaming and hoping for an underwater portrait session...so when we linked up with Nicole and Andrew you could imagine how excited he was! Living in Hawaii, the ocean is a big part of our lives. It is a lifestyle. Nicole and Andrew have been living on the island of Oahu and were soon to be moving to California. Before they left they wanted photos that captured the beautiful blue waters they both spent a great deal of time in. Nicole and Andrew were such a fun couple to shoot in the water and such a joy to work with! They kept their spirits up when they felt like they looked silly and overall had a good time. It is so refreshing when our clients put in the effort to make their portraits unique; especially when we give them the same photos the envisioned! If you would like to book an underwater portrait sessionplease send us an email! We would love to work with you.